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Social Emotional Learning Goal


Supporting all learners to be competent, confident, and caring citizens

Ways We Will Support This Goal:
  • Soft Starts: The use of “soft starts” where students begin their day with a caring adult and often a snack.
  • Self-Regulation Skills: Self-regulation skills are taught school-wide through WITS (Walk Away, Ignore, Talk it out, Seek Help), Zones of Regulation, and EASE. We are continuing with the SNAP program (Stop Now And Plan) for students in grades 2 and 3. We are working hard to use “common language” at the school to help students resolve problems. wits
  • Sensory Pathway: This pathway, planned with occupational therapist Sandy Haskett, is set up in the hallway. The pathway provides a movement break for students and includes mindful breathing and yoga poses.
  • Self-Regulation Room: The self-regulation room includes a beano swing, weighted balls, exercise bike, pull-up bar, rowing machine, quiet spot and more. Students identify how they feel before and after the use of the room with the support of visuals and the support of the supervising adult.
  • Staff Collaboration: Our staff meets regularly throughout the school year to collaborate. This year, a focus of this time has been on social-emotional learning.
  • Counseling: District counseling support is available to students. Our school also works closely with outside agencies such as Carrier Sekani Family Services and Connexus to ensure that students/families can access needed supports.
How Will We Know?

We will measure the impact of these strategies and interventions through observation, daily check-ins, and surveys.